Sunday, November 6, 2011

Did You Miss The MSV Grand Opening?

Here's some shots from Main Street Vintage's Grand Opening:

Gwen Babbett's space.

Jay The Ironman has a stunning dark branch with ornaments in his corner.

Marcy's decked-out ladder.

Mary of Hula Girl.

Randy of Madison Park has fun vintage Christmas ornaments and trim.

Penny Clay's space.

Our shop girls, Paige and Nicole. Such sweethearts!

More from Gwen Babbett.

Kimberly Poloson's space.

Here's Kimberly now.

Some of Kimberly's original artwork. She's quite talented.

This is Saint Adorn. They are two highschool seniors with great talent.

 Mack & Momma, of coarse.

Marcy's giant clock.

Mack Hatter hat on a Santos.

Shop owners and keepers, Marcy & Glen.

Remember to stop in when your in the area.
Shop is opened 11am - 6pm, seven days a week.
Have a great day!


  1. Chris-
    Loving your new space, and everyone else's in Marcy's new shop. I have already been in several times! Did you see the crusty pillar in Jay's space with the sold sign on it? Yep, I have already made a major purchase! And Marcy is soooo sweet. See you at Plucky's!
    xoxo, Michelle

  2. Love the new shop Main Street Vintage. I have been telling people all about it! It was good to see you last weekend at the grand opening. Hugs! Florence