Sunday, September 18, 2011

What you missed at "A VINTAGE GATHERING"

Here's what my booth looked like at this years final show for "A Vintage Gathering":

The vendors all had great merchandise and I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to photograph them but take my word for it....Awesome Stuff!
We had beautiful weather friday evening and quite the turn-out.
Unfortunately, saturday was not quite so nice. Wet and rainy all day and not enough brave souls to battle the weather in search of treasures. Too bad, now they'll have to shop elsewhere, like....
Monticello Antiques Mall
 8600 SE Stark Street, Portland, OR (503-256-8600)
Antique Alley
 2000 NE 42nd Street, Portland, OR (503-287-9848
Meadowlark Tearoom & Antiques Mall
 1803 Main Street, Vancouver, WA (360-694-9075)
You will find treasures by Mack & Momma at the previous locations and many dealers have their
 treasures at "Uncovered Ruby" in downtown Battleground, WA
 but for info on the other creative dealers check the blog for
 and look for the list of vendors and their websites.
I am going to miss these people so much and can't wait for Novembers "Plucky Maidens" Show to see many of them again. I feel blessed for having met all of them and sharing the adventures of junking with these wonderful souls. I'd also like to thank all of our friendly customers whom give us a reason to gather at Cathy's fabulous place in the country. 
"So long Vintage Gathering, until next May."

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Here's a preview of our Mack Hatter photo shoot for and all the photos were taken on the Cathy's farm in Battleground (Home of "A VINTAGE GATHERING" shows.)
!!!Thanks Cathy!!!

*Oh, our lovely model is my daughter Mack!