Monday, January 5, 2015

It's Been Way Too Long!

Well I'm back!
Can't believe it's been so long since I've posted on my blog! 
It was a very busy year with many changes, big events and even an adventure or two!
 From our little Out-door Village at The World's Largest Antique's & Collectibles Show in July.
 Vintage Circus Themed Barn Stormers Show in August.
Mack & Momma was lucky enough to be the featured artist for
 Alice in Wonderland meets the Mad Hatter at the Deepwood's Estate in September.
 Spent the entire month of October clearing out my house and studio for
this which was happening at our home in November!
 Held at 3-day Trunk Show at Beads By Dusty Creek the end of November.
 Holiday Open-House & Studio De-stash Sale was the beginning of December.
 FREE Gift Ornaments for all my guests!
 My daughter (Mack) surprised me with a spontaneous mother-daughter trip to Puerto Vallarta.
Such an amazing time for the both of us! Love this girl with all my heart!
 Lucky enough to be in PV during the Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebration.
 Frida Calla influences everywhere!
LOVE Dia de los Muertos.
Thank you each and every one of you who were a part of it!
I'm hoping this year is just a bit less crazy and maybe even more wonderful than the last!
Love & Happiness to all of you! Chris/Momma

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