Friday, April 27, 2012

"Get Plucky With It!"

Plucky Maiden's are AWESOME! Here's some pictures I took on my way out tonight:
Some pinks in Momma's space.
Sweetie-pie Alicia with her amazing wares.
Molly Mo's fabulous finds.
Camp Hollyhock.

Need an extra hand?
My darling friend Lisa Love Harris signing my new book, "1st Monday Murder". Can't wait to read it. Come pick up your own copy today!
Mack & Momma's birdie blues.
It's all "Good Junk" here!

Vintage Trifle treasures by Martha Kohley.

So if you "HURRY IN" tomorrow, you may still find some of these Plucky treasures! Off to shower and bed. Good night all. xoxo, Chris/Momma

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  1. Hey, Sweet Chris--great post on PMJF! What awesome pics you got. Thanks for the First Monday Murder shout-out, my friend. Hope you enjoy the adventure down the blacktop with Jimmie Rae. It was FABULOUS to see YOU!! I'm so excited about all your new projects. Peace, love, and all the very best stuff to you, sweet friend! xxoos